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AI and headshot photography

23 July, 2023

Is AI coming for the headshot photographer? Is Skynet sitting somewhere thinking, "Hmm, maybe let's put these terminators on hold for a second and pour more attention into the world of capturing headshots, that's the way forward"? I don't know the answer, but it’s an interesting question. AI is obviously being used all over the place, from advances in medicine to companies collecting film locations like Superscout. It's everywhere, and I think one thing we can be certain of is that some roles are going to change significantly.

Is the work of the headshot and portrait photographer doomed, though? Personally, I don't think so. The human interaction that comes into play when you're shooting a portrait or headshot with someone is key. Building rapport, making the subject comfortable, and capturing genuine expressions are all integral parts of the process that require a human touch. The art of exploring the various facets of a person over a shoot will hold its value, I think, and I don't see that being replaced with an app anytime soon.

Having your photo taken is a very intimate thing, and it requires care and attention to detail. While AI can certainly assist with technical aspects like lighting adjustments, post-processing, and even suggesting poses, the creative vision and emotional connection provided by a human photographer are irreplaceable. AI can enhance our abilities and make some tasks easier, but it cannot replicate the nuanced understanding and personal touch of a human photographer.

So hopefully, although AI is transforming many fields, the art of capturing the essence of a person through photography will continue to be a distinctly human endeavor. For now, and likely for the foreseeable future, we humans have the edge. I hope. BW

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