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05 January, 2024

Fuji. I could only resist so long... and now I'm in their grasp. And when I say grasp, I think it's more of a revitalizing embrace. The sort of hug you get before setting off on a bracing mountain hike. A moment of warmth before hurtling off into the frosty air. Ok, so that all sounds a little wafty, but since picking up my new X-T5, I've been more inspired than ever to shoot. Not just headshots in my portrait studio in Woolwich, but also getting out and amongst it and taking more street photos. Does the brand matter? If I had bought a new R5, would I have been as excited to shoot with it? I don't know, to be honest, but the cool retro design of the new Fuji X series drew me in, and I couldn't resist.

Shooting headshots using a mirrorless system has been exciting. Seeing what you are going to get before you actually take the picture changes your approach, I think. I'm now using more constant light, working with some natural light, and also a heady blend of the two. I have some fun Pavotubes from Nanlite as well, and they are now appearing in my headshot sessions. Change is important, and working with a new camera system and some new lighting gear is all helping to keep my little brain sharp.

I have also been playing around with a GFX50, which is my first real taste of medium format photography. It's a beast of a camera, and it sort of encourages you to shoot at a more contemplative pace. It's funny how just changing up your rig can change the way you shoot. The overwhelming feeling for me so far with the Fuji equipment is that I'm excited to pick up their cameras and use them. That's a wonderful thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm here for all my portrait gigs, but having a bonus injection of power can only be a good thing. I'll never part with my 5D Mark IV, but currently, I am under the spell of the Fuji chic. BWx.

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