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Rehearsal Shots

23 May, 2022

From time to time its good to take a subtle sidestep from shooting headshots and portraits, don ones cloak of invisibility and slip into the rehearsal room. Here it feels like the main skill is being unseen. Slow silent steps around the parameter of the rehearsal space allowing you to get the candid pictures you want of the actor at work. Little exchanges between performers working on a moment, a director offering a gentle nudge or an animated composer furiously penning some new underscore. To get these moments you need to be stealthy. It's not a day to be sporting your steel toed DMs.

When I'm shooting headshots its all about striking a rapport with the subject. Trying to find out what makes them tick and making them feel as relaxed as possible in the space. In the rehearsal room it's the complete opposite. You're probably introduced quickly but then its silent running from then on. If everyone forgets you're there then you stand the best chance of catching some joyously natural moments. I love taking headshots but its really good cross training to step into a different zone and capture some pictures of actors doing what they do best.

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