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Other headshot photographers are available...

28 July, 2023

Thats right, other headshot photographers are out there and as much as I'd like to bring everyone into the mint tea infused photography studio of Ben Wulf enterprises I cant be everywhere at once. So if you are ever stateside then do pop in and see the wonderful Guido Venitucci. I've always admired the crisp clean work he produces and then last year on a little jaunt to the states I was able to swing by his studio and chat all things headshot. He's as bright and charming as his work suggests and it was a pleasure to spend an afternoon trading war stories, taking a few portraits of each other and of course a smattering of lens chat...only a little mind. I think there is sometimes the thinking that headshot photographers don't communicate and that they defend their territory like fierce German shepherds. I can happily report that its simply not true and that Guido was warm as toast. So next time you are within striking distance of the Big Apple and find yourself in need of some new headshots then mos def look him up.

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