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Top 5 canvas backdrop makers

18 February, 2024

I love shooting headshots and portraits on canvas backdrops. Always have, always will. The combination of actors, headshots, and some great canvas completes me.

I think the question I get asked most on Instagram is, "Where do you get your canvas backdrops from?" Photographers often seem a little nervous to ask, but I'm an open book. Left open to page 67, to be precise. So here is the list of my current favourite backdrop makers. Check them out and buy some of their wares. You won't be disappointed.

NO 5

A relative newcomer, but Luka over at Zenith Backdrops is making some great work. I've been using some of his drops recently, and the texture has been great. A gentle peach he sent me is already becoming a regular in my rotation for actor headshot shoots. Sometimes when you order backdrops online they turn up and the colour really isn't what you thought it was going to be but the canvas from Zenith has always been spot on. Definitely check them out.

NO 4

Gravity is very solid. I've got three drops from them with a variety of interesting textures. Solid workmanship, a huge range of stock to browse from, and some good deals when you buy more than one drop. Always keep an eye out around the holidays as they have some good deals flying about. I have a lovely deep grey from them that sees constant use in my actor's portrait studio. Pop along to their website and wade through an impressive selection of canvas.

NO 3

Artery! The first drops I ever bought were from Artery, so they are very close to my headshot photographer's heart. I fell in love with this beautiful mossy green that they sent me, and for a while, it was all I wanted to shoot on. They have also made me some beautiful custom drops. I wanted a deep murky forest green with just a hint of red and a suggestion of bark, and they made it. Just like that. It was ideal. You can't go wrong with Artery if you're looking for some beautiful hues. My headshot studio in Woolwich is full of them.

NO 2

Backdrops by Alexey Saveliev.

Texture, texture, and oh my, what lovely textures. I could go on about the beautiful textures this artist creates for hours. He makes me want to shoot at F7 constantly so I don't miss any of the beautiful texture he creates. He's always making new work, so I'm forever checking in on his website to see what wonderful stuff he's making next. His color game is pretty faultless too, from lovely buttery biscuit hues to soaring amethysts. He's also a portrait photographer, and I think that helps a lot. One of my all-time favs and great customer support too.

NO 1

My current favorite. I simply want everything that CZS Backdrop Studios make. Everything. The works. The lot. All of it. Intriguing textures and colors mainly with a nod to the darker, more mysterious world of backdrops; his work is effortlessly cool and mysterious. He's even started painting these wonderful curtains to add to his already impressive range of wares. I have a couple of his double-sided drops in my studio, and the craftsmanship is second to none. Placing the actors that I photograph in front of his work is a real dream. He's a canvas hero.

So there it is. My top 5 canvas backdrop makers. It's ever-changing, and I'm sure there's more canvas out there, so if you have a favorite maker, then let me know, and I'll be sure to check them out.

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