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I do love canvas backdrops

19 January, 2022

I’m not a hundred percent sure why and I would definitely be a better person if I could fully articulate it but I love them so maybe thats enough. I must have over twenty now of various sizes, shapes and hues. Ive recently got into layering them up so I have been casting my eye over some of the smaller drops that are on offer. There are a lot of makers out there to choose from and the majority of mine are from a company called Artery who are based in Serbia. My current drop making crush however is a guy called Alexey. He weaves wonderful colours and textures together and all his drops seem very unique and well crafted. He’s a European artist and I always await the arrival of one of his drops with great anticipation. He’s also a photographer so I think that gives him strong insight to the kind of thing we need.

Ben Wulf Canvas Backdrops
Canvas Backdrop
Phil Sealey on Canvas Backdrop

I started shooting headshots and portraits in the great outdoors but since I made the switch to studio lighting and got my hands on some of these canvas drops I haven’t looked back.

I have a weakness for canvas and I don't care who knows it…


A link to one of my favourite makers

Artery Backdrops

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