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People of the Pound

16 January, 2024

The Pound Arts Centre. A creative hub for theatre, music, art, education and I’m sure from time to time a swift half of something. So what interests me is who are the people of the Pound? Who are the people who fill up the gigs, Ted Talks and communal crochet sessions and what makes all of them vital to the flourishing of their arts centre?

So what better way to find out than to saddle up, pack a few strobes and a canvas backdrop and head off to Corsham to meet the good people of the Pound. I was against the clock as even though I had a full day there in order to meet as many folk as possible I was limited to ten minute micro slots. I normally spend about two and a half hours with my headshot and portrait clients so having to work at this kind of pace was an excellent challenge.

It was a charming day and I feel very lucky to have met such a wide variety of people who all have love for their arts centre. Theatre lovers, artists, technicians, baristas, life-long supporters of the building, jazz lovers, jazz haters, I got to meet them all and capture some mini moments of their appreciation for their local arts centre.

Heres a little trio of portraits of some of the local heroes and a link to a whole host of Pound People. Support the arts folks. Support the arts.


headshot of an actor
portrait of a London actor
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